Jyothirgamaya | Empowering the blind


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Vinod 29-year-old Vinod, from a small town near Kollam district of Kerala, was like a bird in a cage, closeted within his home. he had never been to school, ore learned any trade. upon hearing Tiffany's interview on the radio, he attended one of her camps,...
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Aneesh Raju Aneesh, a young man from a nearby suburb of Trivandrum, had failed to attain formal education, however, was quite mobile when he met Tiffany Brar at the Jyothirgamaya center. He was not at all confident that he would be able to even master the Englis...
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Hannah Alice Simon  Hanna was a shy and timid child when she first arrived at Jyothirgamaya. She had hidden talents, was afraid of exhibiting them. After attending Jyothirgamaya’s” Road to independence” training camps, and after having received a...


Would you like to have a unique experience?

Would you like to see the world from a different perspective?

Would you like to interact with the blind?

We warmly welcome you with open arms!

Come and join us

We are sure you will be able to make a huge difference to the lives of the numerous blind people across the world, who have very limited opportunities to express themselves, and who are tucked away within their small social circle, not able to go beyond it, and who will be delighted to have your support and to be inspired by you.

  • Dedicated, passionate, and committed to the cause.
  • Good verbal and written English skills
  • Positive attitude, and a drive to create social change.
  • Sense of responsibility.
  • Must be intrinsically motivated towards the cause.
  • High level of ownership, taking initiatives and self management

What you can do

  • Training the Blind Participants in Spoken English
  • Soft skills and Interpersonal skills
  • Counselliing Support
  • Inclusive Tours and adventures
  • Organising Awareness and Sensitization Events
  • Fundraising
  • Designing
  • Spread the word !
Male Female Other
Work at office Work from home