Jyothirgamaya visits RNIB in London

Jyothirgamaya visits Royal national institute for the blind (RNIB) in London,
Tiffany Brar the project coordinator of Jyothirgamaya is warmly greeted by the faculty members of the organization and is shown around the organization.They also show her all the available assistive devices for the visually impaired.

She gathers quite a lot of information about useful assistive devices such as smart Braillers which not only have the ability to type Braille, but which also have the facility to record, use the internet and play audio files.

She was also introduced to a new innovative mobility device, called sensor eye glasses, which detect obstacles at head height. One of the faculty members, who is partially sighted has a guide dog, and explained about the importance of a guide dog, and that it is prominently used in the European country’s instead of a cane by many.

There were talking clocks, and liquid measuring devices also.The faculty members of the Royal national institute of the blind, were also intern delighted to know about Jyothirgamaya and its work, and said that they would definitely join hands with Jyothirgamaya in making such assistive devices available to the blind, as they have a system of donating assistive devices to other countries

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