Meeting Former President Dr.APJ.Abdul kalam

Tiffany Brar  got an opportunity to interact with former president  DR APJ Abdulkalam at government women’s college Trivandrum, where he had come to deliver a lecture to the students.At the end of the session,Tiffany asked him a  question about  the governmental measures in favour of the disabled and he invited her up to the stage, and  asked her to email her ideas to him, giving the assurance that the government will deffinately help her and other disabled people of India. Tiffany sought to know from Mr. Kalam the kind of assistance she could get for her work in enriching and bettering the lives of visually challenged persons.A visibly elated Mr. Kalam appreciated her positive attitude..

“You have a great dream and I have been urging young men and women to dream. You please send your ideas to me, the kind of work that you plan to take up. I will assist you in getting it done,” he said.

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