The Tiffy Template – a life saver and a life-changer

Smart money? Not for the visually impaired

Almost all Indian currency notes are the same width, making it a nightmare for visually impaired to differentiate between them. Each note is supposed to have a marking that denotes the specific denomination for the visually impaired. However, these markings tend to fade out over time due to wear and tear, making it an inefficient method of by which identify the notes.


How can we make Tiffy’s life easier?

For the many visually impaired, worries about being cheated of their money due to their disability is not just worrying, it’s also frustrating. Paul, a friend of Tiffy’s, who tinkered with inventions, came up with an idea. What if there was a cheap way to discern the difference between currency notes? A solution that used lengths and widths to distinguish a difference?  

The Tiffy Template – a lifesaver and a life-changer

This solution is made up of a simple piece of PVC. The structure of this board allows the user to measure the currency notes accurately based on length, width and Braille markings. It helps Tiffy tell notes apart and only costs two rupees. 



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