Concessions for Blind

Concessions of persons with disabilities.


Here you will learn all about the concessions provided by the Indian government to persons with visual impairment


Indian Airlines

50% concessional fare on IAC domestic services only. Accompanying persons will pay the full applicable fares. No concession on international flights by Air India or any other airlines, except Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Indian Railways

Payment of 75% below the basic fare for the blind and the escort separately, in first and second class.

Purchase of season ticket

50% discount on season tickets for first and second class.

Income tax concessions

A sum of Rs. 15,000 is deductible from the total net income. All resident individuals are, in any case, exempted from payment of income tax on the initial Rs. 18,000 income.

Inland and foreign postage

Besides being exempt from payment of postage, blind literature packets are exempted from registration fee, acknowledgement fee and fees for the attested copy of the receipt. Postage free packets will be transmitted by surface route only. If sent by air regular airmail charges will be applicable.

Wireless license

Institutions for the blind are exempted from payment of license fee on wireless receiving sets used exclusively for the blind.

Customs concessions

1. Individuals: The Central Government exempts specified goods, if imported by a handicapped or disabled person for personal use, from full customs and additional duty.

2. Institutions: Institutions for the blind may import equipment and apparatus for the education and training of the blind, free of customs duty, if the equipment is received as bonafide gifts.


3. Import of audio cassettes from libraries/agencies: Books and magazines recorded on audio cassettes are exempted from customs duty when imported from libraries and agencies for the blind.

Job reservations

Three percent job reservations for the physically handicapped in Group C and Group D.

Conveyance Allowance

Blind and orthopaedically handicapped employees of the Central Government get conveyance allowance worth 5% of the basic salary or Rs. 100 per month, whichever is less.



Schemes for the welfare of the disabled in Kerala


Scholarship for the Physically Handicapped

Under this schemes scholarships and stipends are awarded to handicapped persons for the pursuit of academic/vocational and Professional Courses from Std.IX onwards. The family income ceiling fixed for the award of scholarships is Rs.24,000/-.

Scholarship/stipend and implant training to the physicaly handicapped:

(Transferred to Local Self Governments)

Under the scheme scholarship is paid to physically handicapped students studying in recognised educational institutions.

Financial Assistance to blind Advocates:

Blind Advocates practicing in any courts within the state are eligible an exgratia grant of Rs.2500/- towards their initial expenses and a monthly allowance of Rs.1000/- towards engaging a reader assistant for a period of 5 years.


The department of social justice also provides financial assistance for aids and appliances for the handicapped.

Medical camps are held for obtaining medical certificates. Generally the medical camps are held on Fridays, where a group of doctors form a medical board and the certificate is issued. These certificates are issued in the government hospitals.


Financial assistance is provided to handicapped persons towards travelling in connections with interviews or recruitment. This assistance is provided for journeys both inside as well as outside the state.

Scheme for providing Marriage assistance to disabled girls

This Scheme provides Rs.10000/- as marriage assistance to disabled girls belonging to families of below poverty line.

Distress Relief Fund for the Handicapped.

This fund is constituted for the purpose of giving relief to the handicapped persons in the following cases.

a) For medical treatment including operations

b) To persons who become handicapped due to accident.

c) For any other purpose which are not covered by the existing schemes for the Handicapped.