Tiffany Brar is a blind woman.Being  Blind since birth, she has faced and successfully overcome several challenges which have given her the necessary drive to start Jyothirgamaya.The receiver of the National Award in 2017 , Rotary International For the sake of honor Award in 2015 and Bold and Beautiful award from Doordarshan. she is a graduate of English literature, and has a teachers training degree in special education (visual impairment), from Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University.The daughter of an army officer, Tiffany traveled far and wide and studied in different parts of India throughout her life. she is fluent in five languages: English, Malayalam, Tamil,, Nepali and Hindi.

She was educated in schools for the blind, military schools which had no special educators or resource teachers, as well as integrated schools, and had to undergo several challenges during her school and college days. She would sit at the back of the class, had to wait for a long time to get her braille notes and was never taught necessary survival skill still her early teens.

In 2009. she did her BED in special education, which has helped to realize her dream project of making the blind independent.She has overcome her challenges and has successfully integrated into the mainstream society and has been able to create an identity for her self.Seeing the helpless situation of many blind people in Kerala instilled in her a new drive to do something for them.As she learned her skills of independent living late in life, she does not want other blind people to go through such difficulties as she once did.

She says “ It is my inner calling to work for the blind community, as I am blind my self I understand their problems, and who better than the blind can understand the problems of the blind?,  it is only when you are in those shoes that you can really gain a deeper insight into the problem” At present Jyothirgamaya is running successfully, and more and more beneficiaries from across Kerala are  being trained.