Smiley face 'The courageous daughter of India' - Dr.Ram Nath Kovind,President of India

Tiffany Brar became blind six months after birth due to an over dose of oxygen, however she did not let her blindness stop her from reaching the sky. She has faced and successfully overcome several challenges which have given her the necessary drive to start Jyothirgamaya.

She started her early education in Great Britain, where learning by doing was the learning method, after which she returned to India, where she first landed in Kerala. Here the regional language was the medium of instruction in blind schools.

She was educated in both schools for the blind as well as integrated schools, and had to undergo several challenges in both. She would sit at the back of the class, had to wait for a long time to get her Braille notes and was not taught necessary survival skill sat the right time. It was at that tender age of eight, that she vowed that she would do something for her fellow blind colleagues.. At the age of 12 she lost her mother, which instilled in her even more determination, to fend for herself, fight her battles and help others.

After completing her degree she started working, which enabled her to travel by herself and sharpen her mobility skills. She visited many blind organizations, and people, and found that there were many back benchers, who were fighting discrimination, and who lacked skills. She went on to do her B.ed. special education, from Ramakrishna mission Vivekananda University, and then she started a mobile blind school, where she travelled to the homes of blind people in the nooks and corners of the state, trying to impart training to them, in all necessary skills.

She tried to set herself as an example, and counseled parents to allow their blind of springs to venture out and live normal lives. She learned six Indian languages.

In the year 2015, she realized that much more had to be done, and she started the Jyothirgamaya Foundation, which now provides training to blind people in rural areas, who are unable to come to the training center, and also residential training courses to blind people in all necessary skills paving the way for their employment, integration, and assimilation in to the mainstream.

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Awards and Honours
  • The Women of the Year Award from Hope Trust, in 2015
  • For the Sake of Honour Award, Rotary International's highest award,in 2016
  • The Prestigious Saarthak Naari Women Achievers Award in 2016
  • Bold and Beautiful Award from Doordarshan ,in 2017
  • Sarojini Trilok Nath-National Best Role Model Award from National Association for the Blind in 2017
  • The Age of Unknown Award by TEDx vazthacaud, in 2017
  • The National award for being a 'Best role model' from the President of India ,in 2017
  • The Women of the Year Award from Job Day Foundation, in 2018
  • Make A Difference Award from Rotary International, in 2018
  • The Women of Vision Kerala vanitha Rathna Award, in 2018
  • The Phoenix Award from Padmasree Mammooty, in 2018
  • The Vocational Excellence Award from Rotary International, in 2018
  • The Real Hero Award by ZEE Tv from Vivek Oberoi , Omung Kumar and Huma Qureshi ,in 2018
  • karma Rathna Award for Outstanding social worker from Palm International,in 2018
  • Hellen Keller Award from National Center for promotion of Employment for disabled people,awarded by Dr.SathyaPal Singh, Hon'ble Minister for Human Resource,in 2018
  • Neelam Khurshid Kanga Award from National Association for the Blind Bombay Awarded by John Abraham,in 2019
  • Award for Excellence in social service from Kochouseph chitilappilly Foundation,awarded by Kochouseph chitilappilly
  • Contact Details : tiffany at jyothirgamayaindia dot org

    Phone:+91 471 485 2680