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Walk for Inclusion

The Inclusion Walk!

In the midst of our busy lives and our urgency to study, earn and live a fruitful life and be a good citizen, have we ever thought of the plight of those who are marginalized? What it must be like for them? Do we realize that even they have such responsibilities to their families and to the nation and yet they are unable to fulfill them due to the lack of accessible environment?

As a result, they curl up within the four corners of their homes, and feel dejected, and discriminated. It is our duty as the young budding youth to raise our voices for inclusion, and try to enable people with disabilities to avail their rights. If public buildings are accessible, roads are devoid of potholes and buses have room for wheelchairs, then even such people can live completely dignified lives. It will be even better if job opportunities are made available for them according to their disabilities and requirements.

As an endeavor to raise our voices for them and to create a disabled friendly/accessible Kerala, Jyothirgamaya Foundation, an organization working towards the empowerment of the blind, in association with Yagna Dhruva’19, the inter-collegiate techno-cultural fest hosted by LBS Institute of Technology for Women and Sahridhaya, another partner organization who stands for equality and social change, are conducting an accessible walk and a flash mob on the 22nd of February, in order to bring them out and stand with them to raise our voices for inclusion and to create awareness about the immediate need for accessibility in all respects. We request you to join hands, speak for us and support us to make an accessible friendly Kerala.

The inclusive flash mob shall begin at Manaveeyam Veedhi at 4 PM, which shall be followed by an inclusive walk till Kanakakunnu Palace, and towards the end, we shall also have a short cultural programme, spreading the message of inclusiveness!