Jyothirgamaya | Empowering the blind
Assistive technology

In today’s day and age, knowledge of computers enhances your technical skills thus increasing your chances of employability. For the blind, it is of prime importance that they are well versed in computers and technology, for it is the door to their independence and success.

Many blind organizations in Kerala, are only concentrating on Linux training, which has its merits, however, it is not always beneficial when it comes to seeking employment in the cooperate world. To keep up with the industry demands, Jyothirgamaya provides fully-fledged training in windows, both basic and advanced. We cover four major operating systems in the training:

  1. a) Windows
  2. b) Linux
  3. c) MAC OS

 The aspects covered under the training are the use of both Jaws and NVDA screen readers, Microsoft Word and Excel, and internet usage. In the increasingly connected world with growing number of disable friendly applications which are making use of smartphones accessible to the blind, we are Jyothirgamaya are also giving training in use of Android smartphone so that the visually impaired can take advantage of the improved technology